A New Law Will Finally Allow Pets To Be Buried Alongside their Humans At Cemeteries

Options used to be limited for people who wanted to be buried with their fur babies. Basically, their only choice was to be buried in a pet cemetery, and that’s it. However, this is finally going to change, at least in NewYork.

New York is finally changing up the rules when it comes to pets and where they’re allowed to be buried.

They passed a new law that allows people to be buried alongside their pets if they so choose, in a human cemetery.

Even better; the law isn’t just limited to dogs and cats. It allows for a range of different animals to be buried with their owners.

It’s a decision that many pet owners are applauding, as their fur babies are part of their family.

There are some exemptions to the law, of course. Religious cemeteries don’t have to comply with this new law, and individual cemeteries can still choose to refuse to bury any pets if they so please.

A pet cemetery in Westchester County stated that, every year, at least five people choose to be buried with their pets in their cemetary, rather than being apart from them in a human cemetery. It’s a way for them to stay close to their loved ones even after they’re gone.

New York is finally allowing pet owners to rest in peace next to the living creatures who provided so much comfort, companionship, and happiness during their time on earth. After all, it doesn’t quite make sense that humans could be buried in pet cemeteries, but not vice versa.

Because, as Captain Holt said in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the good thing about growing up is that we get to make new families. Sometimes, those family members walk on four and have paws, but they love us more than anyone else does.

With New York leading the way, hopefully other states will fall in line and create similar laws.

For some people who wish to be buried with their pets, they have to resort to somehow sneaking them into the cemetery. This can be dangerous for the friends or family members who are asked to do this after the pet owner has passed away.

But now, in New York at least, there doesn’t have to be any slinking around in a cemetery, performing secret burials for loved ones. You and your pet can be together forever, if you want to!

Again, each cemetery must agree to let you be buried with your pet — it’s their right to opt out. However, for people whose pets are family, it’s certainly a step forward.

New laws seem to crop up all the time, and they can be confusing — but this is one law that many of us understand the importance of.

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