Town Comes Together For A Little Boy With a Dog Parade

With COVID-19 changing a lot of plans for people, one Juniata family didn’t want it to stop their 4-year-old’s birthday party.

Benjamin Alloway wanted to celebrate his birthday with something he really adores. He has a love for wolves and has wanted to meet one. When his parents couldn’t make it happen, they took to Facebook to ask for a favor.

nce November he’s wanted a live wolf petting zoo and with that being dangerous and due to COVID we asked the community if they would come out and walk their dog by to help celebrate his birthday,”

Makayla Alloway said

The post quickly gained traction online, and people loved the idea of bringing their pups to his party.

Benjamin watched as the line of dogs came right to him. All shapes and sizes just for his special day.

A group got together to give him a little present, given on the back of a husky named Noah.

He was excited and the dog looked like Noah but it’s from a lot of my students as well and we all signed the card,

One family came from Harvard with their dog and pet pig. They heard about the party on Facebook and made a day trip out of it to bring some smiles.

t’s been pretty trying times so we figure why not. Our pig makes people smile

Jerrold Hester said.

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